LPG Gas Detectors- Importance and Installation Tips

Gas leak detectors are comprehensive equipment that helps detect the presence of dangerous combustible gases at home and around. Leaks in the cylinder pipes occur due to poor seals and connections or due to an inadequate welding process that is highly vulnerable and can lead to severe explosion or death.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, taking proper steps while purchasing LPG and installing LPG gas leak detectors at home are of utmost importance for avoiding life-threatening uncertainties.


Why there is a need for Gas leak detection using proper detectors?

There is a need for gas leak detection with a proper gas detector due to the following reasons:

  • Safeguards lives.
  • It helps cut major hazardous gas leaks at home
  • Indicates the presence of gas by starting an alarm
  • It helps cut down the wastage of LPG gas

Installation of Gas Detectors: Measures to be taken care of

Though small alarm type gadgets, there are some things that need to be taken into account while installing LPG gas detectors. These are as follows:-

  • For indoor installation of gas leak detectors, it is important to place them in the rooms with gas-powered machinery or appliances or in an area where a leak is likely to occur.
  • Since natural gas is less dense than air, it tends to rise. Therefore. the gas leak detectors should be placed higher than the doors and windows of the house.
  • Placing alarms near vents or other spots should be avoided as they can interfere with the functioning of the detectors.
  • Avoid putting alarms in those areas of the house where maintenance and testing are difficult to perform.
  • For outdoor installation of gas leak detectors, it is paramount to take care of the environmental conditions such as- heavy rain, snowfall, etc. that can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the leak detection system.

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