The Exquiste Range of Pathlites by HPL India provide a Lavish and Classy Look to Your Home!

The extremely alluring and attractive pathlites by HPL, provide the most lavish and majestic look to the entire outdoor décor of your home. The expansive range of pathlites comprises of UV stabilized acrylic cover with a rubber gasket, epoxy powder coating with grey hosing and high- performing reflectors and more! Browse through our website and explore the range today!



Types of Miniature Circuit breakers or MCBs

Miniature Circuit breakers or MCBs are electromechanical techno devices which help in protecting the electric circuit from an overflow of current that is caused due to short circuit, overload or faulty designs. There are several types of MCBs, but broadly they can be classified into two groups:

  • MCBs based on tripping characteristics
  • MCBs based on number of poles

Both the types can be further classified into sub types. The MCBs based on tripping characteristic can be sub- divided into-

  • Type B MCB- This type of device is mainly used for residential or commercial applications where connected loads are lighting fixtures, domestic appliances, etc.
  • Type C MCB- This type of device is used for commercial or industrial purposes where the chances of witnessing short circuits are high. In this, the connected loads are inductive in nature.
  • Type D MCB- This type of MCB is also used for industrial or commercial purposes where the current inrush is very high, for instance- X-ray machines, winding motors, etc.


MCBs based on number of poles can be sub- divided into-

  • Single pole MCB: This type of MCB provides switching and protection to one single phase of a circuit.
  • Double Pole MCB: This type of MCB provides switching and protection to double phase of a circuit.
  • Triple Pole MCB: This is a type of MCB which provides switching and protection to three as well as neutral phases of a circuit.
  • 3 Pole with Neutral or TPN MCB: TPN MCB is a type of MCB that provides switching and protection to three phases of circuit.
  • 4 Pole MCB: A 4 Pole MCB has protective release for the neutral pole and is used where there is a possibility of high neutral current flow through the circuit.

There are a plethora of brands in the market offer various types of techno driven MCBs with a host of different features and durability level. One of them is Techno MCBs by HPL which are made up of high-grade materials, are durable in nature and highly convenient to use and maintain. While selecting a miniature circuit breaker, it’s essential to keep their properties in mind. Choose the best and steer away from electric shocks.

The Beautiful Ceiling Lights by HPL Provide a Classy Look to the Entire Decor of Your Home!

The ceiling lights offered by HPL India are intricately designed for efficient indoor lighting and are highly environment-friendly in nature. The lights contain do contain harmful ultraviolet rays and mercury and speak high of its long life span upto 30000 hours, high lumen value and sustainability. Browse through our innovative range and order one today!



How to Choose the Best Travel Plug Adaptors

Travel plug adapters are little devices that are handy, sturdy, and easy to carry while traveling and allow your device’s plug to fit into in an efficient manner. The travel adaptors only change the number and arrangement of the pins on the plug so that they be can fit into types of sockets whenever and wherever you are traveling.

Primarily, there are two major concerns that you should consider while buying travel adaptors – firstly, the destination country and secondly, the type of appliances that you are planning to take along with you. In addition to this-

  • One must consider the different types of shapes of the plugs and electricity voltages as there are no standard socket shape or voltage level which can help in determining to pick the right adaptor for all types of plug points.


  • The majority of people believe that adaptors and converters refer to the same thing, but actually, it’s not! Thus, while buying adaptors, it is important to understand the difference between adaptors and converters. Converters change the voltage of the electricity to match the voltage of the device, whereas, adaptors simply allow the device’s to fit into a foreign outlet.
  • While purchasing a travel adaptor, one must emphasis on its compactness, smaller size, operation and a user –friendly design.
  • The adaptors should be sturdy and used for multifunctional purposes as well.
  • Warranty is one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration while purchasing International travel adaptors.

To conclude, the best part of a travel adaptor is that it is easy to install and operate in any corner of the room across the world and is highly affordable for all.

Distribution Board by HPL is Highly Durable and Safe!

The Distribution board offered by HPL is highly durable, sturdy and user-friendly. It divides the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits and provides a protective fuse for each and every circuit in a common enclosure. Also, the elegant, sleek, modern and flawless design of the distribution boards ensure 100 percent safety and protection to its customers in the most cost-effective manner!


Smart Spike Guards by HPL

HPL’s Spike Guards is most famed for its excellent property of protecting appliances against high voltage spikes. The devices come attached with a universal socket and a built-in overload protection cover along with a resetting switch. The cable length of Spike Guards range between 1.6 mts and 1.8 mts making them highly convenient to use. High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of these spike guards.


Multifunction Meter by HPL Can be Used in Both Commercial & Industrial Appliances!

HPL presents special range of Multifunction meters for use in both, commercial and industrial appliances such as industrial LT panels, electrical panels, air conditioning units, refrigeration panels, etc. the meters are suitable for 3P, 4W LT applications as well and come with an LCD screen that showcases frequency, currency and voltage of the device attached. Check out the variants and buy today!


LPG Gas Detectors- Importance and Installation Tips

Gas leak detectors are comprehensive equipment that helps detect the presence of dangerous combustible gases at home and around. Leaks in the cylinder pipes occur due to poor seals and connections or due to an inadequate welding process that is highly vulnerable and can lead to severe explosion or death.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, taking proper steps while purchasing LPG and installing LPG gas leak detectors at home are of utmost importance for avoiding life-threatening uncertainties.


Why there is a need for Gas leak detection using proper detectors?

There is a need for gas leak detection with a proper gas detector due to the following reasons:

  • Safeguards lives.
  • It helps cut major hazardous gas leaks at home
  • Indicates the presence of gas by starting an alarm
  • It helps cut down the wastage of LPG gas

Installation of Gas Detectors: Measures to be taken care of

Though small alarm type gadgets, there are some things that need to be taken into account while installing LPG gas detectors. These are as follows:-

  • For indoor installation of gas leak detectors, it is important to place them in the rooms with gas-powered machinery or appliances or in an area where a leak is likely to occur.
  • Since natural gas is less dense than air, it tends to rise. Therefore. the gas leak detectors should be placed higher than the doors and windows of the house.
  • Placing alarms near vents or other spots should be avoided as they can interfere with the functioning of the detectors.
  • Avoid putting alarms in those areas of the house where maintenance and testing are difficult to perform.
  • For outdoor installation of gas leak detectors, it is paramount to take care of the environmental conditions such as- heavy rain, snowfall, etc. that can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the leak detection system.